You spine is the foundation to your health. Your spine has two major functions. Number one, it supports you and keeps you upright. How it supports you and keeps you upright is called your posture. How many times did your mother tell you to sit up right? Or stand up straight? There is a reason for that. Her inner chiropractor knew that maintaining your posture is inherently important.

      The second thing it does is that it protects the spinal cord. A health spinal cord is important to overall health. The reason for this is that the brain sends energy down the spinal cord. The spinal cord delivers that energy from the brain to all your vital tissues and organs in your body. Each and every organ and tissue in your body is totally dependent on that energy to keep us alive and healthy.

      When your spine begins to lose its range of motion or your muscles begin to tighten so much that your range of motion is restricted, in other words you don’t feel flexible, micro inflammation begins to develop in the joints of the spine and the nerves begin to get irritated and lose 100% function. The energy now cannot get through the nerves and the organs, tissues and muscles at the end of those nerves will begin to dysfunction. Chronic dysfunction will lead to a disease process, pain and/or loss of health.

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